Club welfare

The Club has 7 working Child Welfare Officers in the Club’s Welfare Team. all of our Welfare Officers have been fully trained to an accredited FA standard, undertaking a Safeguarding Children Qualification and a Advanced Child Welfare Qualification. The Club’s Child Welfare Officers bring an amass of professional experience to the role from their own employment, and blend this with active football Coaching roles within the Club.
This wealth of current, in-depth and diverse experience means that the Club has an enormous confidence in the Welfare Team to promote the wellbeing of Parents, Coaches and significantly its Players in any football environment associated to the Club.

The Welfare Team attend training courses, and keep up to date with new legislation, FA directives and procedures to improve, evolve and refresh their practices.

The Club has designed a Complaints Policy that has the Welfare Team are heavily involved in. A complaint to the Club commonly is investigated by the Welfare Officers if it concerns areas of discipline, breach of Club Policy, concerns about its Volunteers or Players, or breaches of Club Code of Conduct.

The Club Welfare Team are involved in:
*Club Complaints related to Welfare of Club members, Club-to-Club Complaints or on rare occasions support external authorities with their own criminal or civil investigations.
*Mandatory Courses for Club members
*Training Courses for Club members
*Criminal Records checks for Club members
*Parent Forums
*Player / Team Forums
*Disciplinary Panels for Club members
*Club Policies and upholding best practice

The Welfare Team seek to approach each investigation with common sense, significantly which has the best interests of both the children and its Club members at its heart. The Team will use experience, Club Policy and legislation to underpin their working practices.
The Welfare Team on most occasions will seek to find Club based or local resolutions to problems or concerns, however on occasions will seek to use the expertise and authority of the local FA Safeguarding Teams, should the need arise.
The Club has a dedicated email account that is monitored by the Welfare Team on a daily basis at